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Plant Sciences


The Department of Plant Production, with second cycle studies in Plant Sciences, was founded in 2006 at the Faculty of Agriculture in Banja Luka. The objective of establishment of the Plant Sciences Study Program, at the second cycle studies, was to acquire special knowledge in various research and scientific fields for which there was a fundamental social need.

The Plant Science Study Program corresponds to the system of 3 + 2 + 3 year educational system. The second cycle comprises eight courses: Farming; Fruit Growing; Viticulture and Enology; Vegetable Growing; Ornamental Plants and Horticultural Landscaping; Plants Protection; Land and Water Management and Plants Products Technology.

Teaching at the second cycle takes two years, i.e. four semesters with 30 ECTS credits per semester or 60 ECTS credits per academic year, so a student studying at the second cycle earns a total of 120 ECTS credits making a grand total of 300 ECTS credits, including the first cycle credits. The curriculum consists of compulsory and optional courses, professional project and master’s thesis (final work).

Academic titles which are acquired after completion of the second cycle of academic studies at the Department of Plant Sciences are: Master of Field Farming, Master of Pomology, Master of Vegetable Growing, Master of Agriculture -Viticulture and Enology, Master of Plant Protection, Master of Horticulture, Master of Agriculture - Land and Water Management, and Master of Agriculture - Plant Products Technology).

On completion of the second cycle studies, the students are entitled to work in the field of primary agricultural plant production, processing and finishing of agricultural raw materials, production of final products, working in market and marketing entities, at agricultural institutes and agencies, agricultural advisory services, local development agencies, government agencies and representative offices , court expertise in the field of agriculture, associations for implementation of rural development,  with the entities of private agribusiness and entrepreneurship.