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Internally, the Faculty of Agriculture is organized in accordance with the Statute of the University of Banja Luka. Basic managerial bodies are the Educational-Scientific Council and the Dean. In the structure of the internal organization are also the Study Program Councils, Institutes and Departments. There are three Councils for the following Study Programs: the Crop Production Study Program Council, the Animal Production Study Program Council and the Agricultural Economics and Rural Development Study Program Council. Study Program Councils are operational bodies of the Educational-Scientific Council. Study Program Councils consider and make proposals on issues of teaching of the first and the second cycles of relevant studies as well as on the academic, scientific and professional issues. Study Program Councils are constantly working on innovation of curricula and improvement of teaching quality.

Scientific research is carried out in six Institutes like follows: Institute for Horticulture, Institute for Farming, Institute for Agroecology and Soil, Institute for Animal Husbandry, Institute for Agricultural Economy and Rural Development, Institute for Reproduction of Domestic Animals. Within six Institutes there are 17 Laboratories and two Computer Rooms in support of scientific research and teaching.

In accordance with mother role of the Faculty of Agriculture and its study programs, there are 12 Departments of which 6 belong to the Crop Production Study Program, 4 to Animal Production Study Program and 2 to Agricultural Economy and Rural Development Study Program. The Departments represent a set of related Modules.

Professional Services of the Faculty perform tasks for the needs of teaching and scientific research.