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Laboratories of the Faculty of Agriculture

Central Chemical Laboratory


Central chemical laboratory was founded in 2005 and was primarily intended for carrying out practical training, i.e. lab exercises in a number of modules in the field of chemistry and biochemistry, but also of different modules in the field of agricultural science wherever there is a need for practical training in a laboratory like this.

In addition, the laboratory is used to carry out research in the field of inorganic chemistry, applied chemistry and biochemistry. Basic laboratory research program is related to the chemistry of heavy metals and macroelements in the agroecosystem (soil, plants and water), with emphasis on checking the origin and content of heavy metals in agricultural soils and different plant species. Laboratory research techniques are based on modern equipment for the qualitative and quantitative chemical analyses, which, along with the basic chemical equipment (technical and analytical balances, water deionizer, pH-meters), include atomic absorption spectrophotometer with flame technique, UV-spectrophotometer and colorimeter.

Head of Laboratory: MSc. Dijana Mihajlovic

Microscope Laboratory


Microscope laboratory was founded in 1997.

The laboratory is primarily intended and furnished for the purpose of students’ exercises in various modules: Basics of Botany; Systematics of Agricultural and Weed Plants; Zoology; Microbiology; Fundamentals of Herbology; Phytopathology; and others that require equipment for microscopy. In addition, the laboratory is used to perform scientific-research activities in preparation of parts of graduate works, master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, as well as project activities related primarily for microscopy and determination of plant material.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Zlatan Kovacevic