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Institute of Horticulture

Institute of Horticulture has the longest tradition at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka. Specifically, the Institute began its activity as Institute for Fruit Growing, Viticulture and Horticulture, established by the Council of the Faculty of Agriculture in Banja Luka, on 21st of April, 2003. The Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska brought the Decision on Fulfillment of Conditions for Scientific Research dated 27th of May, 2003, confirming that the Institute fulfills the conditions to perform scientific research activities. Pursuant to Article 36 Para 1 of the Law on Scientific Research Activity ( “Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska” Nos. 48/02, 63/02 and 97/04) and Article 2 of the Directive on the Form and Content of Institute Proceedings ( “Official Gazette of the Republic of Srpska” No. 80/03), the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska brought a Decision on Registration of the Institute in the Register of the Scientific and Research Institutions on the  19th of Nov., 2004.

The Institute was re-registered on 13th of May, 2014 under new, current name as the Institute of Horticulture, in the Register of the Scientific and Research Institutions of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Srpska. Within the Institute, there are 16 researchers (2 Full Professors,    4 Associate Professors, 4 Assistant Professors, 5 Masters of Sciences and 1 Agricultural Engineer), 1 Professional Associate  and 4 Lab Operators performing their research activities. The Institute provides the funding from their work on scientific research projects and programs, extending their services within the scope of Institute’s activities. The Institute was funded thanking to grants and other sources in accordance with the law.

The Institute has its Scientific Council as a professional body. Operation of the Institute is managed by the Head of the Institute. The Head of the Institute is appointed and dismissed by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture on the proposal of the Scientific Council of the Institute. Internal organization, jurisdiction and operation of bodies of the Institute are governed by the Bylaws of the Faculty and the Rules of Procedures of the Faculty’s Institutes.

Scope of Activity

The Institute carries out scientific research activities and professional services in the field of horticulture as follows: Pomology; Viticulture and Enology; Vegetables; Medicinal, Spice and Aromatic Herbs; Mushrooms; Ornamental Plants, Horticultural and Landscaping Management; Production and Certification of Seeds and Planting Material; Protection of Health of Horticultural Plants in Terms of Visual and Laboratory Diagnostics; Control and Monitoring of Harmful Organisms; Biotechnology, Physiology and Nutrition; Genetics and Breeding; Horticultural Plants Nurturing and Economy Systems; Horticultural Plants Adaptation to Climate Changes; Creation and Revision of Fruit and Viticulture Regionalization – including Cadastre of Orchards and Vineyards; Laboratory Analyses of Horticultural Plants Products (fresh fruits and products – wine, fruit brandies, marmalades, jams, dried fruits etc.) all in accordance with the registered activities of the University of Banja Luka and the Faculty.

Scientific Research Activities

The Institute carries out scientific research activities through various research programs like:

Professional Activity

The Institute performs and provides professional services through:  


Supervision over the Production of Planting Material and Seedlings of Horticultural Plants

kontrola proizvodnje sadnog materijala i rasada hortikulturnih biljaka

Laboratory for certification of planting material and seedlings of horticultural plants provides process control of the production of planting material of agricultural plants (fruit trees, vines, hop and perennial ornamental plants), as well as seedlings of vegetables and flowers, as per the authorization issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska. The control includes quality control and checking of purity of planting material and nursery plants, as well as laboratory testing of sanitary safety of planting material and nursery plants.

On completion of the required checks, the Faculty of Agriculture issues certificates and attests of varietal purity and health safety of the controlled plant material.

Seed Potatoes Production Control


In the Laboratory for certification of planting material and seedlings of horticultural plants, we also perform seed potatoes production control.

The two main tasks of seed crop control are to check varietal purity and health condition. When going to the field the varietal purity check is performed in the field, while the health condition is checked first visually in the field and then followed by mandatory testing in laboratory.

This control is performed in order to obtain the Certificate of Crops Recognition and for the purpose of marketing of certified seed in a specified category.

Nematology Department Services

Usluge nematode 1

Department of Nematology has the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska to perform official inspection analyses of the presence of quarantine and economically harmful nematodes.

We also have the authority of the BiH Directorate for Plant Health to perform laboratory diagnostics of quarantine nematodes in potatoes for the purpose of implementation of special surveillance of quarantine organisms in potatoes. We provide services of efficiency testing of preparations for combating phytoparasitic nematodes.

Institute Laboratories

Laboratory for certification of planting material

Laboratorija za sertifikaciju sadnog materijala i rasada hortikultu

The Laboratory for certification of planting material and horticultural plants seedlings operates within the Institute of Horticulture, Faculty of Agriculture, and consists of five Departments arranged in four separate laboratories, a glasshouse and two plastic greenhouses.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Gordana Đurić

Laboratory for Histology and Cytogenetics


Laboratory for histology and cytogenetics was established in 2007.

The basic research program of the laboratory includes cytogenetic and cytohistologic aspects of embryology in formation and realization of generic potential of agricultural plants, as well as cyto-histological aspects of sustainability of fruits after harvest and during storage.

The research of particular importance in the laboratory is related to differentiation of male and female fruit trees gametophyte in an interaction of agro- and pomotechnical measures with processes of fruit setting, and studying of embryogenesis and apospory in the function of fertility control.

Laboratory research techniques are based on the equipment for making permanent histological preparations, microtome, microscopic lenses, light microscope, inverted light microscope and fluorescence microscope.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Nikola Mićić

Laboratory for Pomology and Biotechnology in Horticulture


Laboratory for pomology and biotechnology in horticulture deals mostly with morphological, physiological and biotechnological characteristics of agricultural plants fruits, in view of their varietal (genotype) characterization and economic and biological standardization.

The research program of this laboratory includes studies related to the evaluation of the genetic variability of germplasm for the purpose of biochemical characterization of plant material including analyses of isoenzymes and molecular characterization. The laboratory research techniques are based on the equipment used for isolation, purification and quantification of the total genomic DNA, restriction of DNA digestion, polymerase cyclic reaction (PCR), and agarose gel electrophoresis and PAA gel electrophoresis.

Research of particular importance relates to the part of the analyses of pathogen molecular diagnostics.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Miljan Cvetković

Laboratory for Ampelography and Enology


Laboratory for ampelography and enology was established in 2009.
Laboratory for ampelography and wine production is primarily intended for work with students, scientific research and professional work. In this lab we conduct exercises and research related to the first and second cycle studies. The laboratory is equipped to perform a large number of analyses in the field of viticulture and winemaking, some of which should be noted: determination and description of vine varieties, checking of grape chemical composition, checking of grape mechanical composition, timing of harvest, checking of the condition of buds fertility, giving recommendations for vines pruning, etc. There are activities for additional equipping of this laboratory, in order to create necessary preconditions to perform additional analyses like checking of chemical composition of wines and spirits. Such an equipped laboratory would have necessary capacity to offer its services to wine and brandy producers.

Head of Laboratory:  Doc. dr Tatjana – Jovanović Cvetković

Laboratory for Treatment of Fruits after Harvest

03aLaboratorija za tretman plodova - Copy

The basic research program of the Laboratory for the post harvest treatment of fruits includes the study of the sustainability of the fruit after harvest and during storage, till its usage.

Research of special interest includes studying of anatomical and morphological predispositions of fruits towards controlled storage conditions. The laboratory provides services like pomological description of the fruits, determination of basic physical and biochemical parameters of fruits, the degree of ripeness of fruits and services of storage process control. The research equipment in the lab comprises a refractometer, colorimeter and measuring devices for checking cold storage conditions.

Within the laboratory there is an experimental cold room.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Miljan Cvetković

Laboratory for Microscopy


Microscopy lab is equipped with high-tech microscopes and magnifying binoculars providing high reliability and quality of the work.

Laboratory equipment includes motorized light microscope Nikon Eclipse Ni-E, inverted microscope Nikon Eclipse Ti-U with Norman optics and Nikon SMZ 745T magnifying glass. The software program and cameras allow creation of highly professional photos and quite diverse measurements on the observed objects. Laboratory equipment is used for implementation of research projects in the country and abroad. Laboratory space and modern equipment provide excellent opportunities for high quality research to students of undergraduate, master and doctoral studies.

The most important activities are in the field of plant histology, phytonematology, phytopathology and herbology.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Nikola Mićić

Head of the Institute
Prof. dr Miljan Cvetković
Tel: + 387 51 330-938
E- mail: miljan.cvetkovic@agro.unibl.org