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Institute of Field Crops

The Institute of Field Farming was established in 2005 as an organizational unit of the Agricultural Faculty in Banja Luka. The Institute carries out scientific research activities and offers professional services related to field farming (cereals, industrial and forage crops) and agricultural machinery; production and certification of seed and planting materials, health care, biotechnology, physiology and nutrition, genetics and breeding, systems and economical field farming, adaptation of crop plants to climate changes and laboratory analyses of field crops products.

The Institute carries out scientific research activities through various research programs like:

The Institute carries out and provides its professional services through:

The Institute of Field Farming has four laboratories:

Institute of Field Farming has 14 members, 10 of which have scientific titles. Head of the Institute is Doc. dr Branko Djuric.


Controlling and Calibration of Plant Protection Devices


One of the service activities of the Institute of Field Farming is to perform controlling and calibration of devices used in plants protection. The aim of control and calibration of devices for protection of plants is to improve energy saving, as well as to increase human and machine work based on potential opportunities in production conditions.

Approbation of Seed Production


Seed production is subject to mandatory control. By control of seed production, we determine the origin of species, varieties and categories of seeds. Production control of categories of certified seeds is carried out by authorized institutions. The Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka is authorized to exercise the control of agricultural plants seed crops as per the Decision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska.

Laboratory for Ecophysiology

Laboratory for Ecophysiology was founded in 2005.


Laboratory for Ecophysiology was founded in 2005.

The basic research program of this laboratory includes morphological, physiological and cyto-histological aspects of the interaction of environmental factors and the process of organogenesis in the growth and development of agricultural plants under different growing conditions, including the production of biomass. Research of particular importance in this laboratory includes studying of ecophysiological factors of resistance to low temperatures and droughts. Laboratory research techniques are based on the equipment for histology (microtome for cutting in ice), magnifying binocular and light microscope with software for digital image analysis, as well as on the ability to work in the field of fluorescence.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Danijela Kondić

Laboratory of Entomology


Laboratory of Entomology was established in 2006.

The basic research program of the laboratory for entomology includes detection of useful and harmful entomofauna, based on studying of their morphological, anatomical and biological characteristics. The laboratory offers its professional services by inspection of plant and insect materials, estimation of pest attacks intensity and gives suggestions for adequate protection. For operation in laboratory and field conditions, the Laboratory is equipped with necessary equipment (stereomicroscope with integrated camera and microscope), field and laboratory accessories and chemicals.

Head of laboratory: Zorica Djuric, MSc

Laboratory for Seeds


Laboratory for Seeds was founded in 2006.

The basic research program of this laboratory includes applied research in the field of seed production and breeding of agricultural plants. The laboratory has the latest equipment necessary for technical and scientific work related to the quality of seeds of all field and vegetable crops, grasses, medicinal and aromatic plants. Modern equipment and highly skilled employees provide complete, consistent and neutral analyses of seed quality. Laboratory offers the following services: checking of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of seeds, testing of seed physiology, seed biotechnological testing, seeds health checking.

Head of Laboratory: Doc. dr Vojo Radic

Laboratory for Agricultural Mechanization


This laboratory is accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska for control and testing of pesticide application equipment.

Head of Laboratory: Prof. dr Borislav Railić

Head of the Institute
Prof. dr Branko Đurić
Тел: + 387 51 330-957
E- mail: branko.djuric@agro.unibl.org