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Institute of Domestic Animals Reproduction

The Institute for Reproduction of Domestic Animals was founded in 2015 by the Decision of the Governing Board of the University of Banja Luka No. 03 / 04-3.2008-12 / 15 of 22nd of June, 2015 as a sub-organizational unit of the Faculty of Agriculture, University in Banja Luka.
In accordance with the Decision of the Academic Council of the Faculty of Agriculture on the appointment of institutes members of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka (No. 10 / 3.2223- 9.26 / 15 of 9th of July, 2015), the members of this Institute are:

Researchers with scientific title:

Researchers with title of assistant researcher or higher titles:

The Institute’s activity, according to its founding act, comprises:

The Institute performs its activities through various research and professional programs, including:

U sastavu Instituta radi Laboratorija za reprodukciju životinja, koja raspolaže svom potrebnom opremom za andrologiju i pregled sjemena, pod rukovodstvom mr Marinka Vekića.

Institute’s Laboratories

Laboratory for Animal Reproduction


The Laboratory for animal reproduction was founded in 2006.

This Laboratory is equipped with all the necessary equipment for andrology and inspection of semen, modern equipment for testing of quality of native semen and domestic animals insemination doses. Semen quality control is in line with current laboratory methods using specialized software NIS Elements and includes a macroscopic, microscopic and physical-chemical examination. Students of the first and second cycle studies use the laboratory to perform practical exercises and research within preparation of their final and master works.

Head of the Laboratory: MSc Marinko Vekić

Head of the Institute
Prof. dr Stoja Jotanović
Tel: + 387 51 330-949
E- mail: stoja.jotanovic@agro.unibl.org