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Animal Sciences


The second cycle of academic studies in Animal Production Study Program takes place within the course named Safety of Food of Animal Origin in the Chain of Agricultural Production. In this master study, the students are introduced into the security aspects of animal production, in terms of constant quality control of products of animal origin. The teaching process is designed to acquaint the students with all critical points in the animal production and thus possibly reduce their harmful impact. Master studies at this study program take two years - four semesters. During this study, the students are required to attend and pass examinations in 15 subjects, to accomplish the professional project and final work (Master’s). The final work is valued with 20 ECTS credits, making a total of 120 ECTS credits for a student.

By the Defense of Master’s Thesis, students acquire right to be employed in the position of a technologist or a head of animal production on smaller or larger farms growing any animal species in private or public sector. The knowledge gained can be applied in scientific, professional and government institutions in which the primary or secondary research is related to the field of animal production.