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Agricultural Сciences


Based on the Decision and Permission of the Ministry for Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska, the Faculty of Agriculture, University in Banja Luka, introduced the third cycle academic study in Agricultural Sciences Study. The purpose of this study program is education of experts with ability to independently organize original and scientifically relevant research and to critically evaluate the research of others, as well as to develop new technologies and procedures that contribute to the overall development of agricultural production and society as a whole. Academic studies of the third cycle of higher education in Agricultural Sciences Study are performed in accordance with the Study Rules based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), through scientific research and teaching. The third cycle studies take three years and carry 180 ECTS credits in addition to at least 300 ECTS credits previously obtained in the first and second study cycles. The Doctoral Dissertation (PhD) is the final part of the third cycle study program and is evaluated with 60 ECTS credits.

The studies of the third cycle include various forms of teaching: lectures; laboratory work; field trials and field work; seminar papers; consultations; independent research work; publication of scientific papers in recognized scientific journals; research, preparation and defense of the Doctoral Dissertation).

Scientific fields, i.e. specific scientific research fields included in the third cycle study program in Agricultural Sciences Study are:

  1. Agricultural Plants Science:
    • Horticulture,
    • Field Farming,
    • Plants Health Protection,
  2. Animals and Milk Sciences
  3. Other Agricultural Sciences:
    • Agricultural Economics and Rural Development.

On completion of academic studies of the third cycle study program in Agricultural Sciences and upon the defense of the Doctoral Dissertation, a student acquires academic title and the scientific degree: Doctor of Agricultural Sciences specifying the appropriate scientific field or specific scientific areas:

On completion of the third cycle studies, the students become educated professionals capable of scientific research and application of scientific achievements and new technologies in the field of Agricultural Sciences.